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How do you train your coaches?

Weekly during our positional trainings. That is a good time for coaches to learn specific drills and techniques from our positional coaches.

We will also have monthly coaches meetings led by our Master Coach Charlene. This will be a time any coach can ask questions and we will go over specific topics to help each other improve and learn together. 

What is your building going to look like?

We want:

-A minimum of 4 courts.

-Taraflex courts.

-We will have indoor sand courts and run a sand program led by Aria McComber, adult sand leagues and cross training for all indoor athletes.

-Our own gym that no other groups will use.

Why are positional trainings with everyone?

Gold teams will only train with Gold.

Silver/Bronze will train together. 

Grom's will train together.

We want to keep the skill levels close to each other during these very crucial trainings. It's helpful to be in a growth/learning environment with other kids trying the same things you are. 

It also allows our positional coaches to be teaching the same things to a mass group.

Where are you located?

We have talked to a handful of warehouses and none will take sports. We are still looking and wish to have our own building. 

Like most small clubs just starting out, we may have to resort to practicing out of schools until we can find a building of our own.

Are you a gold medal square Club?

No! We are a very open minded club and group of coaches. Volleyball isn't black and white, every kid is different. 

Many parts of the world train volleyball differently than America. We ask our coaches to keep an open mind and learn various ways to teach, train and do things. 

The more an athlete knows and can do, the better they will become

Do you do positional training?

Yes! At all our Gold teams practices. And then at least once a week for all other levels. 

We combine teams together and split into positions with our positional coaches. 

Why do you travel to the same tournaments as a club?

We believe this helps to build club unity and long term growth. By having the younger kids around and watching the older kids.


It becomes a very fun and unifying club experience for all our athletes.

Give Us Your Feedback
We would love to hear your questions & concerns.

No question is a dumb questions and all questions have an answer.

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