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Our Staff

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We love this sport and want to give back to the youth. We care about the growth of each athlete on and off the court. 

Skills, confidence, strategy, positivity, hustle, mindset and being a team player are some things we like to focus on.  


Boys Coaches

We have coaches fired up to be coaching at the same time boys Volleyball became sanctioned in Utah.

They are fired up to help the growth of boys volleyball in our community.


It's about to get big. 


Girls Coaches

Our coaches are passionate and caring. They don't just care about the on court skills, but improving the mindset, positivity and confidence of each athlete.


Positional Coaches

These are our positional coaches, the best in Utah, that will be training all of our athletes during their specific positional skill training block each week.


They have been playing for a very long time and have the knowledge and expertise to further your development.

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